UPCOMING BOARD MEETING -              Regular Meeting - February 12, 2022

Click on register in the upper right corner to join this website. Registering will allow owners to access the members' only pages.  We thank you for your patience as new registrations are only approved on normal workdays (M,W,F 8 am to noon).  Due to the resurgence of COVID-19, please call 929-9576 to make an appointment prior to any in person office visits.  Comments or suggestions about this website may be emailed to [email protected].  All other inquiries should be directed to [email protected]

1/20/2022 - Look for your annual ballot(s) coming to your mailbox soon.  Because of the pandemic, there will not be an in person annual meeting again this year.  Please return your ballot by March 9, 2022, to ensure that your vote is counted, and a quorum is achieved.

6/1/2021 - The HOA is pleased to announce a payment option through this website.  To pay, you must be logged in and click on the bell that appears above, next to your name.  There is a fee to use this service which varies depending on the payment method chosen.  The fee amount is disclosed prior to completing your transaction.  Please remember that members are responsible for updating the HOA office if your mailing/email address has changed.  

- DHCA is looking for local businesses to become a sponsor and advertise their business to the community. https://www.discoveryharbour.net/p/Sponsors