UPCOMING BOARD MEETING -              Regular Virtual Meeting - October 9, 2021

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8/22/2021 - The HOA is receiving many complaints regarding chickens.  Please be reminded that chickens and other farm animals are prohibited in Discovery Harbour per the CC&Rs.  If you receive a complaint letter from the HOA, you may be subject to a $45 monthly assessment until the chickens are removed.  Owners are responsible for their tenants adhering to the CC&Rs.  Also, feeding feral chickens on your property makes them yours.  Traps may be checked out from the DHCA office to assist in relocating feral chickens.

- The HOA is pleased to announce a payment option through this website.  To pay, you must be logged in and click on the bell that appears above, next to your name.  There is a fee to use this service which varies depending on the payment method chosen.  The fee amount is disclosed prior to completing your transaction.  Please remember that members are responsible for updating the HOA office if your mailing/email address has changed.  

- DHCA is looking for local businesses to become a sponsor and advertise their business to the community. https://www.discoveryharbour.net/p/Sponsors