Litigation Summary

There are currently four lawsuits involving the DHCA:

1) SPIG vs DHCA  Case #3CC161000195 filed May, 2016.
1A) Counterclaim DHCA vs. SPIG Case #3CC161000195 filed July, 2016.
2) SPIG vs DHCA, Eklund, Casper, Morrow and Litteral Case #3CC181000052 filed February, 2018.
3) Stephen I. Adler vs DHCA Case #3CCV-20-0000367 filed 10/5/2020.  Mr. Adler's previous lawsuit, Case #3CCV-20-0000238, was dismissed on 9/10/2020.
4) DHCA vs. Lommen Case #3CCV-22-0000060 filed on March 2, 2022.

The cost to defend the HOA in cases 1, 2 and 3 are paid for by the Association's insurer, less the HOA's deductible.  Additionally, the defense of the four former Board members individually named in case 2 above is also covered by the HOA's insurer.  The HOA is responsible for the costs in cases 1A and 4.

Information on Hawaii State Judiciary cases is available on-line at: 

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